Why our pizza?

We've meticulously tried and tested hundreds of recipes to bring you our signature forty-eight hour proved dough.

We've combined that with Italian tomatoes and cheese and the freshest of ingredients, so we know you'll love our pizza just as much as we do!

Call that a cocktail?

There are a lot of pretenders out there but we aren't them! The owners have owned some of the Manchester's greatest bars (Socio Rehab, Corridor and Dogs 'n' Dough) so they definitely know their way around making a cocktail.

Wine worth shouting about

With good pizza, comes good wine. The job of sourcing our wine wasn't an easy one - despite all the wine drinking! We had some tricky decisions to make but we've narrowed it down to eighteen which are all beauties. Plus there's plenty of room for growth once we learn what you like.

Beer, glorious beer

We have great beers on tap from the likes of Tiny Rebel, Beavertown and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

There's even a cheeky cider in the mix too!